We are not talking about nuisance vehicles here. Vehicle crime tends to be theft of or theft from a vehicle. It is not cheap to keep a vehicle on the road, and insurance costs can be high. Here's what you can do to stop yourself having to make a claim.

Protect your vehicle

  • Keep it locked - most obvious first, also make sure your sunroof and windows are up to prevent 'fishing' thefts and make sure everything is locked. 
  • Park wisely - choose a well lit or busy location or even better use a Park Mark registered car park wheverever available.
  • On show, it's going to go - we've already mentioned criminals are opportunists, do not advertise your belongings. A tray of coins or change might not seem much to you, but others would smash your window to get at it.
  • Remove valuables - Remove all valuables to your home, don't risk getting your car boot emptied. Never leave your car log book (V5C document) inside the car.
  • Keyless vehicle thefts happen when somebody remotely clones your key, allowing them to take your vehicle without breaking in to physically steal your key. Keep your key inside a signal blocker pouch or faraday bag and it can not be cloned.
  • Secure your registration plate - these can be stolen and used to disguise cars used in other crime. If it is stolen, inform the police.
  • Work vans - install a lockable cabinet inside the van to store your tools or even better, don't leave tools or valuables in the vehicle at all. Add a sticker to your work vehicle to say, 'all tools removed overnight'. Remember to register your tools on imobilise.com or mark them with your surname and address.
  • Catalytic Converter theft - unfortunately, the material these parts are made from, makes them a target for theft. You can seek advice from vehicle dealerships on approved locks. Alternatively park in a garage or secure compound.