Burglars are opportunists and will always take the easiest option. In this section we will give you some tips on how to avoid drawing their attention.

While some crime prevention tools can be expensive, like installing a burglar alarm, motion activated light sensors or CCTV. Others just need a change in your behaviour patterns.

Protect Your Home

Make your home look occupied when you go out, burglars will target an empty house as they are less likely to encounter anybody.

  • Going on holiday? - Ask somebody you trust to keep an eye on your property. Consider using a timer device to turn on lights, the TV or radio, and make it seem as though somebody is at home. Dont advertise your empty home, by 'checking-in' on holiday on social media. Add your photos and happy memories to your social media when you return home. 
  • Doors - lock all doors with access to the outside, even when you are at home. Burglars are not ashamed and will walk the streets trying door handles to see if they can get easy access. 
  • Windows - when possible keep them on a restricter, shut or locked. It is surprising how small a gap is required for a burglar to sneak through. Make sure there is nothing that can be used to climb on to access upper windows. 
  • Keys - don't leave them in a visible place, move them away from doors and windows. Burglars are known to use wire to hook keys and gain entry to propertys and steal vehicles. Maybe take them to bed with you at night?
  • High value items - if you are lucky enough to own these you should register them on imobilise.com this will give you more chance of them being recovered by the police if they are stolen. You may also want to consider installing a secured safe. 
  • Why not learn a new night time routine for locking up at night. Windows - doors - keys - bed.
  • Shed - if you have a shed, don't keep it's contents on display, cover or black out any windows and install a lock as a deterrent.
  • Tools - these can be used to break in to your property. Keep them stored away safely. Ladders should be secured to a wall or floor where possible.
  • Bikes - some people pay an absolute fortune for their bike, but do not take steps to secure them. While a bike lock or chain is better than nothing, a floor or wall anchor is more secure. Again, register your bike on imobilise.com and make sure you are visible when out and about, Be Safe & Be Seen.
  • Having a BBQ - if you are in the back of the property, make sure the front of the property is secure.
  • A Merry Christmas! - don't advertise your new belongings by leaving packaging out for all to see, only put it out on the day of recycling collection or take it to your nearest recycling centre.