Been a victim of spiking?

Often people who have been spiked don't report to the police because they don't know what happened or they are embarassed.

Some drugs cause loss of memory so you may not remember being physically or sexually assaulted. If you suspect you have been sexually assaulted, tell someone you trust who can support you.

Attend your local Sexual Assault Referral Centre - Safe Place Merseyside where your immediate forensic and health needs will be met. You do not need to report the incident to the police to access the facilities at the centre, however the centre has an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor, who will offer support in reporting the incident to the police or accessing counselling.

There is a 24 hour support helpline 0151 295 3550.

If you have been a victim of assault or robbery please report this to the police then they can work to tackle the issue. If you don't tell the authorities they don't know there is a problem.