Our emergency services work tirelessly every day to save lives and make our communities safer. You can support them this Autumn by knowing your child's whereabouts and speaking to them about celebrating safely and legally.

Anti-social behaviour can be dangerous and is selfish.

It is illegal to:

  • throw fireworks
  • damage property or vehicles
  • set off fireworks late at night and
  • start deliberate fires on public land

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Those caught committing anti-social behaviour could face;

  • a fixed penalty notice or on the spot fine
  • an acceptable behaviour contract issued by the Police, Fire Service, Community Safety Team and Housing Provider
  • a tenancy warning from their landlord, if tenancy conditions are breached
  • criminal prosecution for damage.

Neighbourhood Nightmare

Lighting a fire in a park or open space is not impressive or funny. It is illegal, dangerous and stupid.

Fires can spread quickly, causing injury and destroying nearby property. There could be serious consequences.

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Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service have created a Youtube video demonstrating the consequences anti-social behaviour has had on the life of young Lily and her neighbourhood.

Lily's Story - Youtube video

If you have witnessed fireworks or any age restricted products being sold to an under aged person report it to Merseyside Police.Or to the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline.

CA Consumer Helpline