National Stalking Awareness Day

It's National Stalking Awareness Day (NSAD) on Thursday, April 18 and people across St.Helens are being urged to 'Know the Law, Use the Law' - the theme of this year's campaign.

If you have been affected by stalking help is available and the key message is - you are not alone, people are there to help.

Over the next few weeks NSAD will be adding information to its website and there will be a wide range of topics including what stalking is and cyber stalking.

There will also be a conference on April 18 at the Emmanuel Centre in central London. If you want more information you can E mail: and for general information you can ring the national stalking helpline on 0808 802 0300.

Councillor Richard McCauley, Cabinet Member for Environmental Protection and Safer Communities said: "The important thing to remember is that there are a network of experts out there who can help people who are victims of stalking."

Stalking describes obsessive, unwanted behaviour by individuals or sometimes groups of people towards others. These behaviours can include: regularly sending gifts or flowers, malicious or unwanted communication, cyberstalking, blackmail, physical or sexual assault and damage to property or belongings. Stalking is usually a series of actions taking place over a period of time.

For more information about stalking, and domestic violence, visit