Caught on camera

Security staff at the new Langtree Park stadium in St. Helens use the Shopwatch radio system to inform CCTV operators that a female had left their store with a bottle of vodka.

She was watched getting into a vehicle in the drivers seat while drinking from the bottle. Police officers were asked to attend and the female was arrested on suspicion of being unfit to drive due to drink. She was taken to St Helens Police Station where monitoring equipment showed the level of alcohol in her body was above the prescribed limit.

Meanwhile police officers attend premises in Tolver Street and request CCTV staff to monitor any comings/goings to the property while they are inside carrying out a search. CCTV staff see two males approach the front of the building on camera and alert officers who make their way to the front of the building. One of the males is arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis. When the vehicle he had arrived in was checked it was found to have no insurance. Police seized the vehicle.

CCTV operators are monitoring cameras/images in the Westfield Street area see a male urinating on to the front of shop premises. Police officers are alerted and arrest the male who is found to be drunk and disorderly.