Man charged with common assault

A man has been charged with common assault following a fight in St.Helens town centre.

Police were alerted to two males seen fighting in Westfield Street. One of the men involved walked away from the area and was followed by another two men. As CCTV staff witnessed a punch thrown by one of the two men stiking the man from behind. Police arrived and arrested the two men whilst the injured man received first aid treatment.

A 19 year old local man was later charged with causing a common assault and will appear in court in January. No further action was taken against the second man.

The incident graphically underlines the current One Punch Can Kill campaign which aims to keep residents safe around the town centre in the lead up to the festive season. This incident could have been more serious as literally one punch has been known to kill.

The hard hitting message aims to show the links between alcohol and senseless violence, and shows how too much drink, can turn a good night into a tragic disaster with potentially lethal consequences. It is supported with a radio campaign on WISH FM around the 12 days of Christmas theme (12 minute taxi, 11 security cameras, 10 friends drinking, 9 karaoke songs, 6 minutes of madness 5 people fighting, 4 paramedics, 3 lives ruined, 2 orphaned children, 1 punch can kill).

The campaign is being run in conjunction with Partnership members, including St.Helens Council CCTV, Merseyside Police & St.Helens Chamber, who work together to ensure a safe night-time economy for everyone - with positive results, having experienced an 11% reduction in all crime in the Town Centre this year so far (April 2012 - October 2012)

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