Facing Up to Domestic Violence

The first 'Face Up To It' conference to reduce the negative impact that domestic violence has on children has been held in St.Helens.

A range of agencies came together to deliver the programme including St.Helens Council, Helena Housing. Health and Your Housing.

This included  a range of key speakers, a pupil performance from St.Cuthbert's High School, interactive discussions and research workshops.

Domestic Abuse affects about quarter of children and young people in schools today, either within their own relationships or within their homes.  Domestic Abuse potentially has an impact on school performance, absence from school and behavioural problems, yet for many, school remains a safe and happier place for the child or young person.

In St Helens there are over 4,000 calls of Domestic Abuse reported to the Police every year. Your Housing Group, sourced funding for an interactive "face Up" CD Rom which explores the world of teenage relationships and helps them to identify healthy and unhealthy characteristics. Following on from the conference, the school teams have been able to take this resource back to school for implementation within the Personal, Social and Health Education  curriculum and beyond.

This was the first time that a partnership has come together to deliver such a conference which was attended by 80 per cent of the secondary schools in St.Helens. The young people who attended have now developed an individual plan which they have agreed to take back to their schools to ensure that they can send out a clear message about the importance of a healthy and positive relationship.