CCTV continues to make St.Helens safer

The fight against crime and anti social  behaviour contnues as more offenders are getting caught on camera in St.Helens.
Security staff Asda in the town centre alerted CCTV staff to a male customer, smelling of alcohol, who had left their store.  The St.Helens Chamber Shopwatch radio system was used to keep in touch with the CCTV office and inform staff  of the males actions.  Having left the store, he was watched wandering around the car park in an apparent attempt to locate his vehicle.  When he eventually leaves, Police officers stop him on Lingholme Road and he is arrested for drink driving A subsequent test at the Police Station revealed he was well over the legal limit to drive and was charged with appropriate offences
One of the cameras in Westfield Street is being monitored by staff who observe a male and female in a black Ford vehicle.  The two are seen not to be wearing seat belts and Police officers are alerted.  Two fixed penalty tickets were issued.
Operators scanning the Town Centre saw a male being ejected from a Licensed premises in Westfield Street.   The male appears to give some verbal abuse to the door staff and will not leave.  A scuffle breaks out he is eventually held on the ground until Police arrive.  The male would not see reason with the officers who arrested him for being drunk and disorderly.
CCTV operators were contacted by bar staff at a premises in Henry Street.   They were informed that a male had been ejected from the bar as it was suspected that he was in possession of drugs.  Using three of the Town Centre cameras, the male is followed while Police are guided to his location where he is stopped and arrested in possession of suspected Class A controlled drugs.