More people caught on camera

More arrests have been made using CCTV cameras in St.Helens in the campaign to combat crime and disorder.
CCTV staff were monitoring the Chain Lane area of Blackbrook when they saw a vehicle being driven erratically around the shopping centre car park.  They saw both the driver and passenger swapping seats so each were taking a turn at driving.  Police were contacted and arrested two males (17 and 15) on suspicion of stealing the car and having no insurance.
Alert CCTV operators saw a woman walking in the middle of the road (Peckers Hill Road) causing motorists to serve to avoid her. Police were contacted.  She was  arrested for being drunk and disorderly. 
On Saturday morning  CCTV staff were monitoring  Church Square when they saw a female acting strangely.  She was gesticulating to people and appeared to be screaming which alarmed passers by, including children.  She was followed to a public pay phone where she appeared to try and wrench the telephone receiver away from its cable.  Police were alerted and the  operator followed the female on camera  to the entrance to the Hardshaw Centre where she continued to abuse members of the public.  She was arrested  for being drunk and disorderly
Later staff at the TK Maxx store asked for assistance in monitoring the activities of a man in their store.  Using the St.Helens Chamber's Shop Watch radio system, they provided a description of a male who had been seen placing perfumes into a bag that he was carrying who then left without paying.  He was  seen exiting, closely followed by security staff who detained him until Police arrived.  CCTV staff kept an eye on the safety of the security staff until the man was eventually arrested for theft.