Bike seized and crushed

Police in St.Helens have seized a scrambler bike and had it crushed after its owner had been terrorising streets in the Haydock area.

There had been numerous complaints about a young person riding the bike in alleyways, on pavements and in the road.  In some instances he was riding the bike at speed where children were playing.

Officers working in the area heard the bike and following the rider back to his home where the bike was confiscated and later crushed.

St.Helens Council had also caught the offence on camera.

Councillor Richard McCauley, Cabinet Member for Environmental Protection and Safer Communities, said:  "Such anti social behaviour can not be tolerated.  It is clear this bike was being ridden in a way that was dangerous to other people.  As councillors we get numerous complaints about bikes being ridden inappropriately.  I hope this sends out a clear message to people that we will not hesitate to work in partnership with the police and confiscate these vehicles.  I would urge anyone who can help to identify the perpetrators to let either the police or council know."

Says Inspector Steve Lowe, of Merseyside Police:  "Once again my officers have shown that when anti social behaviour is reported, swift and firm action will be taken to eradicate the causes.  I would like to take this opportunity to reassure residents that we will use all of our powers to respond to their calls and concerns.  The seizure of this machine exemplifies this commitment."