Neighbourhood police team clinches Merseyside award

The policing team covering Sutton, Parr and Bold is the best in Merseyside.

Representing St Helens after winning the Neighbourhood Team of the Year award, the D2 team then went on to win the Merseyside title at the 'Have Your Say' Awards at Aintree Racecourse.

It was D2’s second successive triumph in the local awards. The St Helens Police Command Team again decided that D2 had made the biggest impact on crime in St Helens by:

· Minimising the fear of crime.
· Enhancing feelings of reassurance and safety.
· Increasing the public's confidence and satisfaction in their police service.
· Demonstrating exceptional commitment to meeting the needs of the public by talking, listening, understanding and responding in a way that results in a positive outcome.
· Reducing crime and disorder.
· Reducing anti social behaviour.
· Identifying and dealing with problems - and their impact on the community
· Arresting and successfully prosecuting offenders.

The D2 team has made a huge impact over the last 12 months. Early last year the Four-Acre estate was ranked in the bottom one per cent of deprived areas in the country - with deep-rooted issues stemming from health, unemployment, crime and disorder problems. During 2009 the area generated 62 per cent of all anti-social behaviour calls in the D2 area.

But, backed by St Helens Council, Re:New, Helena Partnerships and other community safety partners, a dedicated policing team was set up and based in the heart of the estate.

Since then the area has seen a startling 50 per cent reduction in anti-social behaviour and the D2 approach is being considered as a template for other areas to follow. It’s also been nominated for a national Home Office award. The results at Four Acre have been reflected across the whole D2 area.

St Helens Council’s Cabinet Member for Family Intervention and Safer Communities, Councillor Sue Murphy said: “Both awards are a fitting tribute to all the hard work put in by the D2 team – and the way the community has responded to their efforts. They have made a huge difference to life for residents and the wider D2 area.”

Inspector Andy Rankine added: "This is testament to the hard work and commitment of all of the police officers, PCSOs, special constables and support staff who work tirelessly to deliver a first class service to the communities of Sutton, Parr and Bold.

“It’s also a recognition of the excellent results achieved over the last 12 months, none of which would be possible without the assistance and support of partners, councillors and of course the community".