Tenant ordered to leave flat for anti social behaviour.

A St.Helens tenant has been ordered out of his flat for three months following a trail of anti social behaviour.

On Tuesday, the District Judge gave St.Helens Council a Closure Order on a second floor flat at 154b Denton's Green Lane, Windle, St Helens for its associated anti-social behaviour at the property.

St Helens' Magistrates Court made the order as it considered Robert Taylor the current tenant of the property and his visitors had engaged in
anti-social behaviour on the premises. The use of the premises was associated with significant and persistent disorder and nuisance to members of the public.

St Helens Council together with Merseyside Police and Arena Homes worked with local residents who were prepared to take a stand against Robert Taylor's behaviour and provided evidence to obtain the order.

The property on Denton's Green Lane is now closed for three months. Any person who remains on or enters the premises during the three months period are liable to a fine/imprisonment or both.”

Councillor Sue Murphy, Cabinet Member for Safer Communities, Neighbourhoods, and Youth said: "We work very closely with our partners to tackle anti-social behaviour in St Helens. This partnership approach helps us get real results for local people. This kind of behaviour can have a real impact on its victims. Neighbours of this property have put up with an awful lot, and we are very grateful to those who had the courage to come forward and work with us to achieve closure of this property. I do hope that this closure order will give perpetrators of anti-social behaviour cause to reconsider their behaviour, as well as demonstrating to everyone that we can and will take robust action alongside our partners when required."

Inspector Ian Cooper,Neighbourhood Police Inspector responsible for the Windle said: “My Neighbourhood staff have worked closely with partners and residents to make Windle a better place to live. The actions of the tenant and his visitors have had a huge impact on the lives of those living nearby. The tenant of this property has been given opportunities to modify his and their behaviour, but he has chosen to ignore the advice offered,it is not easy for people to come forward in such circumstances, and we are grateful for their assistance. The issuing of this closure order should send a clear message that we will not tolerate this kind of behaviour and also reassure residents that we will continue to work with St Helens Council and its partners to tackle it.”

Sean Kenton, ASB Services Co-ordinator for Arena added: “We are pleased with the result which underlines the benefit of partnership work and how we, along with partner agencies, are committed to tackling unreasonable behaviour in a swift and effective manner.”

Dentons Green Lane