Dispersal Order Secured for Sutton Heath

The 'Section 30' dispersal zone will come into force from Monday 19 October 2009 and will run for six months. It will add to the existing area across St. Helens where groups are not allowed to congregate. The designated areas are just one tool being used alongside diversionary activities and high visibility policing to help tackle issues of anti-social behaviour where it is having a sustained and significant impact on local communities.

The zone will cover all areas within the boundaries of Peterlee Close and will be bounded by Sherdley Road and Hatfield Close, Sutton Heath, St. Helens.

The order will operate 24 hours per day 7 days a week, until midnight on 18 April 2010 and Neighbourhood officers and Community Support Officers will be regularly patrolling these areas. The powers under the Anti- Social Behaviour Act 2003 mean that police officers can disperse groups of two or more and prohibit their return within 24 hours. Failure to comply can lead to arrest.

The designated areas were authorised by Merseyside Police and are supported by St Helens Council.

Neighbourhood Inspector Tim Kelly said, "Dispersal orders can be incredibly successful in combating anti-social behaviour. Residents in this area have been subject to ongoing intimidation and having to live within an area that is subject to persistent anti-social behaviour. This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated. We are making great in-roads in tackling anti-social behaviour, this is just one of the many tactics we use to combat anti-social and rowdy behaviour. We will continue to robustly deal with those who do not abide by the law or who act in an unsuitable manner."

Councillor Teresa Sims, Executive Member for Safer Communities says: "We are determined to stop this behaviour and will continue to take action against offenders. This is another example of the Council working in partnership. We would also like to thank local residents for their continued support."