Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour In Your Neighbourhood

Anti-social behaviour can cause harm and misery to individuals and communities. In fact, the greatest number of calls Merseyside Police receive from members of the public relate to anti-social behaviour.

What we are doing

To combat anti-social behaviour in St Helens, a number of tactics and tools are used, including:

  • High visibility patrols in your area
  • Directing officers to where they are needed most
  • Taking action against people who break the law, whatever their age, including arrest and prosecution, issuing Acceptable Behaviour Contracts, Anti-Social Behaviour Orders, Fixed Penalty Notices (£40-£80 fines), Referral Orders and Compensation Orders
  • Seizing alcohol and enforcing the borough-wide Alcohol Designatory Order
  • Making public areas that are hotspots for anti-social behaviour ‘designated areas’, which means that if two or more people gather in these designated areas, they will have to leave when asked by a police officer or face being arrested
  • Seizure of bikes/vehicles being used in an anti-social manner
  • Organising and publicising activities for young people to do during the school holidays
  • Working with our partners and community to combat the illegal sale of alcohol.

Help Us to Help You

  • Make sure your wheelie bin is locked away
  • If you are having building work done, lock all materials away, particularly objects that could be thrown at houses, cars or people
  • Look out for elderly or vulnerable neighbours

It is only a small minority of people who are responsible for anti-social behaviour. If you are a parent, there are several things you can do to help:

  • Encourage your children to log on to sthelens.gov.uk and click on the wise up logo for a full list of activities going on in your area.
  • Explain the consequences of actions to your children – what they consider to be harmless fun can frighten and intimidate others.
  • If your children are out and about, make sure you know where they are going. If possible, drop them off and pick them up.

Chief Inspector Shaun Holland commented, "If you feel you are being repeatedly victimised by yobbish or criminal behaviour or there have been a number of incidents over a period of time which are making you suffer and become fearful, don't sit and suffer in silence.

"Speak to your Dedicated Neighbourhood Officers, pool information with your neighbours, contact the local authority or your housing association. There are a number of people who can help and a number of positive things you can do, too. Help us to help you.
"We understand that anti-social behaviour may make you feel frightened or angry, but please be assured that St Helens Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership is committed to tackling anti-social behaviour in St Helens."