CRASBO Issued in St Helens

Paul Challenor, aged 34 years, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to an offence of handling stolen goods in St Helens on 9 January 2008. Due to this conviction, Merseyside Police worked in partnership with the Crown Prosecution Service and St Helens Council to apply for a Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour order, with the aim of protecting the business community from his anti-social behaviour.


The CRASBO was imposed by Magistrates, and will stay in place for two and a half years.Under the terms of the CRASBO, Mr Challenor is prohibited:

  • From entering any car showroom or their respective forecourts within the St Helens Metropolitan Borough area.
  • Entering any public or private car park within the St Helens Brogouh area.

Entering a defined area bounded by and including Eccleston Street, Borough Road, The Berkshire, Ravenhead Road, Canal Street, Linkway, Kirkland Street and Boundary Road up to Eccleston Street.

Chief Inspector Shaun Holland said: "The court recognised that Mr Challenor had been causing distress to both businesses and residents of St Helens. "Through our work with St Helens Council, we have been successful in obtaining the Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order, which will allow us to try to prevent this kind of behaviour in the future - and send a strong message to any other regular offenders who believe they can break into cars with impunity. "The use of the CRASBO is a vital tool at our disposal and we will look to work with our partners locally to target offenders in this way, and use this legislation again in the future. If you repeatedly steal, the police with the aid of partners, will target you until you change your offending behaviour."