Anti Social Behaviour Crackdown

On Friday evening, 16 Special Constabulary Officers patrolled the Borough and ensured all 12 Designated Areas were being enforced.

In addition, Officers conducted high visibility patrols, providing a visible deterrent and reassuring presence, particularly in and around Parr, Haydock, Moss Bank, Thatto Heath and Rainford.

During the evening, 67 stop forms were issued to youths and 112 units of alcohol were seized.

Damaging effects

Mark Wood, Special Constabulary Chief Inspector at St Helens, commented, "The most common complaint that we receive from members of the public relates to anti-social behaviour and the damaging effects it can have on people who live within our communities.

"This weekend’s initiative is just one part of the work that is being done to clamp down on this type of behaviour and reassure members of the public that police are actively and robustly investigating any incidents of anti-social behaviour that are affecting law abiding members of local communities.”

"We are dedicated to reducing incidents of anti-social behaviour but we also need the help of the public. We would appeal to those members of the community who have any information about anyone involved in anti-social behaviour to contact the Crimestoppers hotline on 0800 555 111. All information received will be acted upon."