Vehicle Crime

Vehicle crime involves a range of offences including the theft of vehicles, vehicle damage and the theft of property from vehicles. 

Most vehicle crime can be prevented, as it is mostly committed by opportunist thieves. The most common items targeted from vehicles include registration plates, route finders, car radios, CD players, cash, laptops, handbags and mobiles. Offenders gain the most out of these by reusing or selling them.

What can you do to reduce Vehicle Crime?

By following some simple crime prevention tips, we can outsmart the thief;

  • Lock all doors and close all windows (including the sunroof) every time you leave your car unattended. 
  • Don't leave ANYTHING on display; even small items can grab a thief's attention. 
  • Never leave the keys in the ignition.
  • Remove evidence of a Sat Nav system.
  • Don't leave keys by your front door, always store them in your bedroom, out of sight
  • Store keyless entry fobs in a signal blocking case or foil lined tin
  • Fit lock wheel nuts
  • Use a Car Park with a 'Park Mark' Award which is part of the police approved, 'Safer Parking scheme.'

What are we doing to tackle Vehicle Crime?

  • Targeting persistent offenders
  • Targeting uninsured and untaxed cars
  • Raising awareness with vehicle owners who leave items on display in parked cars
  • Raising awareness with vehicle owners who leave vehicles insecure
  • Using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems to tackle vehicle-related crime and to stop vehicles being used in criminal activity
  • Delivering alternative education programmes that tackle the anti-social use of vehicles by young people
  • Running a marketing and awareness-raising campaign during identified times of the year.


Vehicle Crime