Many young people who choose to carry a knife, do so as they think they will be safer, for protection. In reality carrying a knife can put you in even more danger.

If somebody feels the need to carry a knife for protection they must be feeling under some kind of threat. Adding a knife to an already threatening situation can make things a lot worse. Even if the person had no intention of using the knife, who knows what they may do in a panic situation. 

If the knife is not there, it cannot be used.

If you feel unsafe, talk to somebody you trust

You may be feeling threatened or be concerned about a friend, who has started carrying a knife. We understand it can be a very hard to situation to deal with on your own, so we advise you to speak with a trusted adult. They can help you get the best support and information.

You can seek help from Victim Support, Childline or pass information on through Fearless. Fearless is 100% anonymous so you can speak with them without providing any personal details at all.

Knives cost lives