Domestic Abuse - is your behaviour hurting or affecting someone?

  • Do you argue with your partner/relative? 
  • Do put your partner/relative down? 
  • Do you break /destroy things? 
  • Do you shout a lot? 

Domestic abuse is;

  • Threatening behaviour;
  • Sexual assault;
  • Harassment;
    Physical attacks;
  • Controlling another person;
  • Intimidating another person;
  • Psychological, emotional or financial abuse between people who have been intimate partners, live in the same household or are family members. 

Domestic abuse is rarely a one off incident and tends to get more severe and happens more often over time, sometimes only ending when one person kills the other. If you are abusive to those you love/care about, there are a number of agencies who can support you and help break the cycle of abuse.

Blaming someone else for your behaviour/actions is abuse.   To recognise that you need help may take courage and strength. You can choose to acknowledge your responsibility.

Choose to stop - contact RESPECT on 0808 802 4040 (free from landlines and most mobile phones)



If you are worried that someone you are afraid of may find out you have viewed this web page Womens Aid have information about how to cover your tracks!

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