St.Helens No Place for Hate Pledge

What is Hate Crime? 

Hate Crime is any offence or incident committed against individuals, groups and communities because of who they are. Although incidents of hate crime remain low in St.Helens, the crime can have a devastating impact on local communities. That is why we want everyone to unite, pledge, and shout out the message that, St.Helens is No Place for Hate!

What is the pledge?

The pledge is a public statement that you support our campaign and that no one in St.Helens deserves to be targeted. It isn't meant to be a lengthy process, it simply demonstrates that you support the cause and its message. If you are an organisation, it also shows your staff, members, service-users and the local community of St.Helens that you are working in partnership with other local agencies to tackle the crime.

Why Pledge?

The more people who pledge, means that more noise is being made about hate crime - helping to raise awareness and break down the silence that surrounds the crime.

Last year local high schools, De La Salle & Haydock High showed their support by coming up with powerful adverts on WISH FM - listen to them now on Youtube.

If every one in St.Helens signed the pledge, it would send out a powerful message that hate crime is not welcome in St.Helens.
    St Helens Town Hall Launch

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