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Bridging the divide, confronting hate.
Thursday 11th July 2019

This year marks the 24th year since the genocide in Srebrenica (Sreh-breh-NEET-sah), in Bosnia-Herzegovina, when 8,372 predominantly Bosnian Muslim men and boys were murdered in the worst atrocity on European soil since the Second World War.

The disintegration of Yugoslavia, such a seemingly well-integrated country, was ripped open by the politics of division, hatred and ethnic nationalism, and Bosnian Serbs, Bosnian Croats and Bosnian Muslims, turned against each other.

National campaign: Bridging the Divide:

The theme of 'Bridging the Divide: Confronting Hate' is inspired by the famous Stari Most Bridge in Mostar - a rebuilt 16th-century Ottoman bridge that stood for over 400 years before being destroyed during the genocide and ethnic cleansing and subsequently reconstructed.

Once renowned as being one of the most integrated parts of Bosnia prior to the war, communities in Mostar are now separated by religion. It's a stark reminder that no society is invulnerable to prejudice and intolerance - and why we should all make a promise to be #BetterThanThat

Steve Prescott Bridge

In solidarity with the campaign's message above and in remembrance of the victims, the Steve Prescott Bridge will shine green on the 11th July - green being one of the main colours of the Srebrenica Remembrance flower - the colour of hope. We will also be flying the 'St.Helens - No Place for Hate' flag on the Town Hall.

Confronting Hate

The act of bridging the divide and confronting hate is needed more than ever before. Far from being confined to the past, the language of division and acts of hatred are familiar today to people across the world. Right here in the UK, hate crime is on the rise in our own communities with the number of hate crime incidents soaring by 40% in the last year and three-quarters of hate incidents classified as race hate

Be #BetterThanThat: Stand United Against Hate

When one person stands up and speaks out against prejudice and hatred, they inspire others to follow and build a stronger foundation to confronting and challenging hate.
If you feel strongly about the heinous nature of hate crime, join us today by making a personal promise to show that you won't ignore the hateful abuse of others - that you will report it, and that if it is safe to do so, will stop it.

It takes less than 2 minutes. Make your promise here