Helping you feel safer in St.Helens Town Centre!

St Helens People's Forum has been working with the St.Helens Hate Crime Partnership, the Council and Merseyside Police to launch 'Safer in Town' in St.Helens.

We want people with learning difficulties, and others who for some reason may feel vulnerable, to feel safer using the town centre.
People with learning disabilities or who may be vulnerable can apply to become part of the scheme by ringing the number below and asking for an application form.

How it works?

1)   Get a keyring and 'keep safe' card from St.Helens Council with your emergency contact details on.

2)   If you ever feel scared, ill or have been involved in an accident in town, go into a shop with a 'Safer In Town' sticker in the window.

3) The shop staff will use your card or keyring to get you the help you need.

Register today!

To get your keyring and card, or for more information, contact Safer Communities at St.Helens Council 01744 673021.