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Agencies in St Helens continue to work together to try and prevent underage people getting access to alcohol. The aim is to reduce the impact of crime and disorder on our communities and perhaps more importantly to protect our young people from harm.

St Helens Council Licensing & Trading Standards Teams together with Merseyside Police are ready to act on information from the public to target licensed premises in the Borough, who are suspected of selling to underage. This is a breach of their conditions of license and will have consequences, ranging from a fine to total loss of license.

The 'It'll Cost You' campaign posters also aim to raise awareness of Proxy Sales. An adult purposely buying alcohol with the intent to pass it on to a underage. This is illegal and anyone caught, could end up with an unlimited fine or a custodial sentence.

Common signs to look out for are:

  • Groups of young people hanging around the shop door or close to the shop approaching members of the public who then enter the store;
  • An adult re-entering the shop just to buy alcohol after they have left;
  • Known customers making unusual alcohol purchases.

If you suspect a licenced premises of selling alcohol to under 18s, or to an adult supplying under 18s - report them to Trading Standards on 01744 676299 or email: including where, when and to whom the sale was made (a description will do if you don't have a name).

A number of partners were consulted in the development of this campaign, including: Public Health, Trading Standards, Licensing and the Young People's Drug and Alcohol Team.

 Click on the links below the image to download the posters in PDF.

Proxy YP Proxy Retailer Proxy Adult It 'll Cost Us Poster
Poster aimed at Young People  Poster aimed at Retailers     Poster aimed at Adults  Poster aimed at Society

Ask The Police

ASK THE POLICE - is also a very useful resource for reassurance about who you can contact in relation to crime and anti-social behaviour.

Make the right call to help tackle nuisance behaviour in St.Helens this spring.

There are many different types of anti-social behaviour - some environmental and some criminal, which are dealt with by different agencies; so it is not always easy to know who to contact, or the best way to contact them.

About the campaign

 #Ready2Report is a yearly campaign headed up by us here at Safer Communities (Safer St Helens). It's a joint effort in collaboration with agencies from the St.Helens Community Safety Partnership (CSP), including Merseyside Police, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, Registered Social Landlords and other agencies


"Our main aim is to keep St.Helens safe and clean at a time when we sometimes see increases in nuisance behaviour - with increased resources being allocated to community clean-ups, extra patrols and other dedicated action."