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Off-road vehicle nuisance is a problem that is affecting the lives of many. We need your help to identify who is responsible for riding the off-road vehicles & who owns them - so the police can then take action, either by serving notices on the riders or seizing the machines. 

What are off-road vehicles?

  • Moto Cross
  • Trial and Enduro bikes
  • Mini-motos
  • Quad bikes
  • Electric scooters
  • Buzzboards
  • Gopeds
  • Or any other mechanically propelled vehicle which is built for use off-road and should not be used on public roads and pavements or in public space

Don't let them get away with it!

  • Often riders are not in control & have no riding skills
  • They are a danger to themselves & the public
  • They are not legal for the road - they have no lights/horns or registration plates
  • They are often used for criminal activities.

What you can do?

There is no where in Merseyside where off-road vehicles can be ridden legally without the permission of the landowner. So if you see the vehicles in action on roads in St.Helens, or anywhere else in Merseyside, report them immediately.

Information which is helpful to the police includes:

  • Where & when it happened: dates, times &  location
  • What the rider and vehicle looked like; descriptions & names of anyone involved in possible
  • Where the vehicles are being stored if you know & whether they are being used regularly in your area
  • Any CCTV or dashcam footage you may have

Ready to report?

Call Merseyside Police on: 101 or 999 if the vehicles are in action.


ArrowReport on social media - simply tweet @MerPolCC on twitter or direct message them on the Merseyside Police Contact Centre  Facebook page.


Report online to Merseyside Police


If you don't want to provide your details you can also report anonymously to Crimestoppers on: 0800 555 111

More information? Visit our Stop In Its Tracks campaign page.