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In spring, as the night's get lighter earlier, we often see an increase in the number of nuisance fires being lit illegally in public spaces, such as in parks & on grassland. 
Although some fires are accidental, unfortunately most are nuisance fires that are deliberately started.




Don't put up with it!

  • It puts people's lives at risk, causes damage to homes, businesses, community facilities & impacts on wildlife & the environment.
  • It prevents the fire service from attending to other emergencies which could endanger lives elsewhere.
  • It's mindless criminal damage.

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What you can do?Grass Fire

  • If you know who is responsible for lighting nuisance fires, tell Merseyside Police, so they can act on your information & bring those responsible to justice.
  • If you have any home CCTV footage, or vehicle dash cam footage of deliberate fire setters caught in action share them with Merseyside Police.
  • You can help by ensuring you don't have combustible waste stored next to the walls of your home and by storing your wheelie bin recycling things away until collection day.

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Ready to report?

ArrowReport grass fires immediately by calling 999 so that the relevant emergency service can respond. Tell the operator, where the fire is, whether you witnessed the offence & try to provide as much information as possible - such as the nearest main road.

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service can also provide you with arson prevention advice for your home & surrounding area. You can request a  Home Safety Visit by completing a simple online form.

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Flytipping removal

ArrowOne of the ways we can help to prevent nuisance fires is to remove one of its sources: flytipping in public spaces. You can report this problem to St.Helens Council on 01744 676789 or online here - by registering for an account, or reporting anonymously.