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Allowing a dog to foul in a public space without cleaning it up is an act of anti-social behaviour.

Don't put up with it!

  • It's the law for an owner, or person in charge of a dog, to pick up after it has fouled on public land.
  • If they don't clean-up, they can be issued with an £80 fixed penalty notice.
  • The maximum penalty is £1000 in a magistrates court.
  • Dog mess is unpleasant and can cause serious illness & blindness to people through an infection called Toxocariasis; caused by worms found in dogs intestines.
  • The Council's Dog Welfare & Enforcement Service undertake strategic enforcement in areas particularly affected by fouling.  

What is Toxicarasis?

Toxicarasis can cause blindness, stomach upsets, sore throats and asthma. It is caused by a roundworm called Toxocara, which is commonly found in dogs, and almost all puppies. Eggs from the roundworm are found in dog waste, where they can pose a health risk if ingested, particularly to small children. The eggs remain active in the soil for years, long after any dog waste has weathered away, so the risk isn't always obvious; that is why it is important to always wash your hands after using open spaces. You should always wash your hands after having contact with a dog, as dogs also carry worm eggs in their coat.

What you can do?

ArrowIf you have a problem with dog fouling in your neighrbourhood and you know who the dog walker is report them, the more it's reported, the more they might think twice about leaving mess. It is useful to know the date of when the offence took place & where you witnessed it - report it to St.Helens Council on 01744 676789 or online - simply register for an account or report anonymously.

Arrow No Fouling signs are available for you to download & fix to your property. You are not able to fix these to a public fixing, but it will still help to spread the message if Dog Fouling is a problem in your neighbourhood.

What a dog owner must do

It is your responsibility as a dog owner to clean up after your dog. You should always be prepared by carrying a poop scoop or bag. These are available from many shops, parks and outlets.

Bag it & Bin it- simply follow these guidelines:

  •  Place your hand in the plastic bag.
  •  Pick up the dog waste using the plastic bag.
  •  Turn the bag inside out so the dog waste is inside, and tie the bag up.

Ensure all the dog waste has been removed and that the bag is securely tied. Place the bag inside the nearest public bin.

For more information about responsible dog ownership, visit