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At this time of year, we sometimes see an increase in reports and concerns from St.Helens residents about certain types of anti-social behaviour in St.Helens parks and open spaces.

Here you will find our guide to reporting summer nuisance; who to report it to, and what we can do to help. 3 Red Arrows

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  Make The Right Call

How can we help?

With our partner agencies we have a range of powers and legislation available to tackle anti-social behaviour - such as Injunctions, Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABCs), Dispersal powers and Community & Public Spaces Protection Orders - we can also use early intervention techniques, such as verbal and written warnings.

How can you help?

St Helens Council's Anti-Social Behaviour Manager, Colette McIntyre, says, "Last year, we saw an 8 per cent decrease in the number of anti-social behaviour incidents reported to Merseyside Police and an 11 per cent decrease in the number of reports of inappropriate vehicle use. So we want to build on this success by making everyone aware of the different ways you can report these issues- for instance not everyone is aware you can now report off-road vehicle use to the police through facebook and twitter, or litter and graffiti problems through our downloadable council app.

"Although it's nice to see a steady reduction in reports each year, the council and its community partners are fully committed to tackling the issue of anti-social behaviour which in some cases, such as off-road vehicle nuisance, can lead to fatal outcomes. And when it comes to environmental nuisance - we don't want residents to just accept them, as ignoring graffiti, litter or even dog fouling in the middle of the street can lead to more vandalism, having a ripple effect which can lead to further crime - I would therefore call on the public to help us in our pursuit as we look to keep our communities a safe place to visit and live."










Ask The Police

ASK THE POLICE - is also a very useful resource for reassurance about who you can contact in relation to crime and anti-social behaviour.

Make the right call to help tackle nuisance behaviour in St.Helens this spring.

There are many different types of anti-social behaviour - some environmental and some criminal, which are dealt with by different agencies; so it is not always easy to know who to contact, or the best way to contact them.

About the campaign

 #Ready2Report is a yearly campaign headed up by us here at Safer Communities (Safer St Helens). It's a joint effort in collaboration with agencies from the St.Helens Community Safety Partnership (CSP), including Merseyside Police, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, Registered Social Landlords and other agencies


"Our main aim is to keep St.Helens safe and clean at a time when we sometimes see increases in nuisance behaviour - with increased resources being allocated to community clean-ups, extra patrols and other dedicated action."