R2R Neighbours Image

Top tips to prevent neighbour nuisance 

Amplified music /games

Consider volume - if you can hear it beyond the boundary of your home and garden, it's probably too loud.

Speakers - if you're listening to music in the garden, please position speakers towards your own home, pointing away from neighbouring properties.


Is the work noisy? Think about the hours you are undertaking it and try not to do it late at night.

Giving the heads up! - if you're planning on doing some home improvements, please let your neighbours know in advance - post a note or message them.

Garden bonfires and burning rubbish

Appeal - St Helens Council has joined forces with Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service and other local authorities in issuing an urgent appeal to residents to not light garden bonfires. 

Remember -  smoke can be harmful to someone with a respiratory problem such as Asthma and even Coronavirus (COVID-19) - it can also prevent others from getting fresh air in the garden.

Danger - burning household rubbish or plastics, foam or paint can produce toxic fumes.

BBQ?- let your neighbours know and never leave it unattended. Keep smoke and noise under control. 


Barking - dogs may bark because they are lonely which can disturb neighbours - please don't leave them unattended if they are likely to bark.

Take the lead - if you're walking your dog, please keep them on their lead so you can control their distance from others.

Pick it up - please take bags out with you and clean-up after your dog - you can dispose of the waste bag in any public bin or take it home with you. Don't ruin the outdoors for others.