The chances of becoming a victim of violent crime, such as muggings or street thefts etc, in St.Helens are relatively low. But there are still a few common sense precautions you can take to reduce the risk of becoming a victim - most of which you will probably do anyway!

•Don't leave a purse or wallet on a shopping counter unattended.
•Don't carry large amounts of money on your person.
•Carry a personal alarm, whistle or noise making device, and use it to draw attention to yourself if you are in danger.
•If you carry a handbag, keep it close to the front of your body.
•If someone is acting suspiciously, closely following you, head for bright lights and people and call the police.

What are we doing?

•Continuing to support partners undertaking initiatives including the distribution of purse straps and bells to town centre shoppers
•Raising awareness about personal safety
•Providing reassurance and high visibility Policing in vulnerable locations to act as a deterrent
•Promoting campaigns
•Delivering personal safety messages to community groups by PCSO's
•Safer Schools Officers are working with young people to promote personal safety.