News from Court

Those convicted of offences should not expect to be 'invisible' to the communities they have harmed through their actions. If someone is convicted in court, then it is a matter of public record and you are entitled to know the results (unless a court imposes restrictions on reporting).

22nd December 2016

Darren Paul Mather, 45 years giving an address on Windermere Avenue stole £43.98 worth of goods from the Clintons Cards store store on the 21st December 2016 and was imprisoned for this offence for thirty-five days.

Kiel Simpson, 33 of Knowles House Avenue committed a number of offences including an assault on a person and five offences of theft from various stores in the St Helens area during September and October 2016.  He was imprisoned for twenty weeks.



Image - Community Safety Partners at St.Helens Magistrates Inside Justice Event