News from Court

Those convicted of offences should not expect to be 'invisible' to the communities they have harmed through their actions. If someone is convicted in court, then it is a matter of public record and you are entitled to know the results (unless a court imposes restrictions on reporting).

11th July 2017

Paul Charles Middlehurst, 36 of no fixed address stole £160.00 worth of shirts from the JD SPORTS store on the 10th July 2017.  He was sentenced to twelve months Conditional discharge and required to pay £85.00 costs and £20.00 victims surcharge.

12th July 2017

David John Wright, 47 years from Boardmans Lane stole £30.00 worth of goods from the B&M store on 29th June 2017 and £34.54 worth of goods from the TESCO store on 11th July 2017.  He was required to comply with the terms of a Community order for twelve months and also made subject to a curfew between the hours of 7.00am and 7.00pm.


Image - Community Safety Partners at St.Helens Magistrates Inside Justice Event