News from Court

Those convicted of offences should not expect to be 'invisible' to the communities they have harmed through their actions. If someone is convicted in court, then it is a matter of public record and you are entitled to know the results (unless a court imposes restrictions on reporting).

20h April 2017

Sean Leslie Harrison, 37 years from Holbrook Close stole £121.98 worth of good sfrom the Boots store on the 8th September 2016.  He was ordered to comply with a Community Order, to include a twelve week curfew and to pay £121.98 compensation and £170.00 costs/victims surcharge.

Lee Steven Murray, 34 years of Stainton Close stole foodstuffs valued at £19.00 from the Co-Op store on the 16th April 2017.  He alo failed to appear at court having agreed to do so (Bail Act offence). He was subject to a suspended prison sentence and so was sent to prison for a total of eighteen weeks.  He wa sfined £50.00 regarding the Bail Act offence and also required to pay £200.00 costs/victims surcharge.

Robert John Taylor, 38 living in Albion Street stole £24.00 worth of beef from the Aldi store on the 18th April 2017.  As he was on bail for other matters when he committed this offence he was sent to prison for eleven weeks and required to pay £24.00 compensation and £115.00 victims surcharge.


Image - Community Safety Partners at St.Helens Magistrates Inside Justice Event