Pay attention when shopping...

  • Stay safe: Don't carry large amounts of cash around.
  • Contactless: Card protector wallets are a low cost option to prevent unauthorised contactless payments.
  • Keep it close: Keep your bag close to your body and never leave your card behind a bar or counter - staff can copy your details.
  • Eyes everywhere: When using your pin to make a payment, always be aware of people looking over your shoulder and shield the keypad when entering your pin.
  • Stay connected: A purse chain is a great way to help secure your purse to your bag. You can also use purse bells too!
  • Act on it: If your credit cards are stolen, call your bank or credit card company to cancel them immediately - if you wait until you get home, your cash might already be gone!

Don't give them any credit, stay safe using cash machines...

  • Daylight savings: Use cash machines during the day if you have to, or better still, inside a bank.
  • Stay busy: Don't use machines which are isolated, stick to busy spots which are well lit.
  • Got your number: Shield the keyboard with your free hand so that no one can see your pin.
  • Too close for comfort: If someone starts distracting you or stands close by, cancel the transaction and walk away.
  • Stash your cash: If you have withdrawn money, put it away immediately.
  • Strange sightings: Be on the lookout for raised keypads or unusual fittings - a sign that skimming devices that read card details and PIN numbers have been fitted to the machine.