3 ways you can improve home security....... 

1) Think outside the house -your first line of defence

  • Fences: Smaller fences provide less cover for burglars & adding trellis to the top of them make them difficult to climb.
  • Gates: Lock any gates to prevent access to the side or rear of your property.
  • Plants: Prickly bushes & hedges are difficult to navigate.
  • Lighting: Get an outdoor light with a sensor that comes on when someone is around.
  • Driveways: Gravel is really noisy - it's a great deterrent.

 2) Make them believe you're home, appearances can be deceptive!

  • Light-up: Get plug-in-timers for your lamps, and light up different rooms in your house! Vary the times each light comes on.
  • Make-noise: Use a plug-in timer for your radio & tune in to a 'talk' station.
  • Lock-up: Shut all windows, even small ones & upstairs ones when you're out. If you're upstairs, close your downstairs ones.
  • Check-up: If you're on holiday, get a trusted neighbour to stop by & shut your curtains at night.

 3) Get sheducated. If it's on show, it's going to go..

  • Don't shed any light: Cover any windows on your shed to prevent burglars from seeing any valuables inside.
  • Mark it: You can paint your house number & postcode across larger items, such as lawnmowers.
  • Stay screwed-on: Smear glue over the heads of screws or use anti-tamper screws.
  • Lock it: Never underestimate the importance of a good quality padlock, hasp & staple for your shed or garage.
  • Don't be a tool: If you leave them lying around your garden, a burglar could use your tools to break-in.



Remember - if you love it, log it! Love It Log It

You can log your property and valuables on the national Immobilise Website; a free service that is regularly checked by the police when they recover stolen goods - www.immobilise.com