99% of young people in England and Wales live knife free. A small minority believe that carrying a weapon makes them feel safer, however in reality it may lead them into more dangerous situations or to a criminal record.

Making the wrong decisions now could affect your whole life. Having a criminal record could affect your chance of gaining a place at college or university. You would not be able to get a VISA to enter some countries such as the USA. Most companies refuse to insure a driver with a criminal conviction, making it very expensive to drive.

Sometimes friends or peer groups try to put pressure on others to carry a knife. Remember the large majority of people choose not to carry a knife, it is normal to just walk away and protect yourself from harm.

If you or somebody you know is feeling threatened or have decided to carry a knife please speak to a trusted adult, like a teacher, who will be able to support you. There are also some useful links opposite, that offer support and advice, particularly the Go#knifefree website.