Dog Welfare & Enforcement Service

Safer St.Helens works closely with the Council's Dog Welfare and Enforcement Service and the community on a wide-range of local issues in relation to dog and animal welfare.

Although a majority of dog owners are responsible, picking up after their dogs and keeping them under control, we recognise that there are a minority of people who don't - causing problems for other local residents.

St.Helens Council Animal Welfare and Enforcement Service work as part of the Council's Environmental Health Department.

For more information, please contact the Dog Welfare and Enforcement Service

Address Wesley House, Corporation Street, St.Helens, WA10 1HE
Telephone 01744 676338




Dalmation [1]

The Council promotes responsible dog ownership and as part of this provides free poop scoop bags, which are available from local libraries and from Wesley House in the town centre, Housing Association Offices and Ranger bases.