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Back with a bang!

The 'Be the Good Guy' campaign is a multi-agency initiative which aims to reduce anti-social behaviour and dangerous nuisance fires in the lead-up to bonfire night in St.Helens. 

Working Together

A number of local agencies work together throughout the bonfire period to keep St.Helens safe - including:

  • St.Helens Council
  • Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service
  • Merseyside Police
  • Helena Partnerships
  • Riverside Housing
  • Regenda Homes
  • Your Housing Group
  • Merseyside Probation Service

Combustible Waste

From Monday 16th October to Monday 6th November 2017, we are asking residents to help us, and your community, by reporting any build-ups of combustible waste and fly-tipping on public land to our Contact Centre on: 01744 676789 for removal - before any nuisance fires are lit and to reduce the risk of anti-social behaviour.

What's the danger?

Lighting a nuisance fire in a public space can prevent the fire service from attending to other serious emergencies - putting lives at risk.

Fly-tipping and build-ups of dangerous combustible waste may also contain plastics, rubber or painted materials which produce toxic fumes when lit - which can cause health problems.

Even a small build-up of combustible waste lit in a public space (such as a park, on the street or near a road) can easily spread, especially if lit closely to nearby buildings, trees, fences and other flammable obstructions.

Fueling the fire?

Bonfire night is sometimes used by a small minority as an excuse for anti-social behaviour. Please don't give your unwanted materials or rubbish away to anyone looking to light an unorganised bonfire in a public space. Wheelie bins and recycling containers can also become easy targets for anti-social behaviour and fires at this time of year. Store them away so they are not stolen or abused.

What else are we doing?

Merseyside Police will be stepping up patrols in St.Helens and will be working with Council social care and youth services to take young people who may be considered 'at-risk' to place of safety.

Along with fire reduction officers from Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service, local PCSOs will also be giving a series of presentations in schools; targeting areas where nuisance fires and anti-social behaviour have been a problem previously (hot-spots).

Registered Social Landlords including Helena, Riverside and Regenda Housing, will also run skip days, to provide tennants with an opportunity to dispose of combustible waste safely in hot-spot areas .

And St.Helens Council's Trading Standards Service will also be signing up 'Good-Guy' retailers agreeing to limit their firework selling period, in a bid to help reduce anti-social behaviour and firework misuse in St.Helens. 

What can you do?

You can report the build-up of dangerous combustible waste and fly-tipping to St.Helens Council:

Call: 01744 676789
You can also download the Council App. and send us a photograph of fly-tipping and combustible waste. (search St.Helens Council on all app.stores).

Stay Safe, attend an organised bonfire and report anyone acting anti-socially to Merseyside Police on 101.

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