Bogus trader warning (1)


St Helens Council is advising residents to be aware of bogus traders operating within borough.

The warning comes after one Grange Park resident reported they'd been approached at their home by men claiming to be contractors working on behalf of the council. They offered to adjust the kerb outside the home for a cash payment.

While the council does provide this service for a fee, payment is always taken through a formal invoice system after the work has been completed, and cash will never be requested by contractors registered with the council.

The resident contacted the council immediately to check if the traders were genuine, but they left promptly in a white Transit van.

Trading Standards asks residents to never agree to have work done by a doorstep trader who is "just passing" or who calls unannounced. Residents should be cautious about any advice given by doorstep traders.

Trading Standards would like residents to report any incidents of cold calling to the team, providing as many details as possible about the person and what was said. Any leaflets or documentation should be kept and if possible a note made of the registration of any vehicle that the cold caller was using.

Residents can find St Helens-based trusted tradesmen on our online Trader Register or call the team to request a paper copy.

Anyone with any information about a doorstep trader should report what has happened, or what they have seen to Trading Standards on 01744 676299 or via