Burglary Advice


Police officers from St Helens are reminding householders in the St Helens Area to make sure their homes are secure now the lighter nights and warmer weather has set in.

Thieves take advantage of insecure houses and gain entry to houses looking for easy access predominately via a door or window that is left open. It's not just the front of your house that needs to be secured - it's unfortunate but burglars are not afraid to break in through the back of a house or an upstairs window.

In order to prevent householders becoming victims of burglary, St Helens officers are currently carrying out operations around the area focusing on security around vulnerable premises as well as targeting offenders who commit these offences.

A/Insp Steve COOKE said "Residents should feel secure in their homes but we also want to make you aware that unfortunately there are burglars who are prepared to enter homes through open windows and unlocked doors or even by using tools or garden implements to force an entry, With lighter, warmer nights, we are urging residents to continue to make sure your homes and outbuildings such as sheds and garages are secure and not left vulnerable. I'd like to remind homeowners of the below basic security advice STOP, LOCK, and MOVE, which may reduce their chances of becoming victims of crime

Before you go out or go to bed at night: 

Lock your doors, use the key if you have one, just putting the handle up means thieves can hook it down through the letterbox. 

Ensure you remove the key.

Do not leave back doors open or unlocked if you are to be upstairs for any length of time as burglars often gain access to people's property from rear gardens.

Do not leave upstairs windows open when you are going out.

Only have ground floor windows open if you are to be in that room for a period of time.

Lock away all your garden tools including ladders as burglars could use these to enter your property.

MOVE  Your keys, phone, watch, wallet and valuables away from the front door. Keep your keys with you so you can leave in an emergency. Thieves use hooks on canes to reach through the letterbox and steal cars and house keys.

Try not to leave valuable items such as TV, hi-fi systems, video or DVD where thieves can see them.

Post mark your property your belongings visibly and permanently with your postcode and house number.

"The community has an important role to play in preventing crime. We all lead busy lives but by taking a few extra seconds to check our homes are secure, our cars are locked and valuables  - including car keys are not left on display may save you from becoming a victim of crime. "

"I'd also like to pass on a message to individuals who commit these offences, if you commit crime in St Helens you will be proactively targeted and we will exhaust every avenue to bring you to justice."

This has been proven as during the first two weeks of the operation St Helens officers have arrested 21 offenders for burglary offences of people's homes. 

A number of these arrests have come from information received from the public. If you give us information we will act upon it, and keep you updated as to the outcome. For free crime prevention advice ring your local neighbourhood policing team on 101. 

Phone Merseyside Police if you see anything or anyone suspicious who you do not recognise or who you are not expecting such as a window cleaner or builder. The chances are they are genuine trades people but if you are unsure make a note of the date, time, description of the person (s) and report it to us.

If you have any concerns or issues you would like to speak to us about then please call us on 101 and ask to speak to your local neighbourhood team. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. For further crime prevention information or details on how to contact your local neighbourhood policing team please visit www.merseyside.police.uk