Council issues second cold calling alert.


St. Helens Council has issued its second cold calling alert in 24 hours - following new reports of bogus council officials calling to 'check' on elderly people during the heatwave.

 Earlier in the week residents were warned about telephone calls from companies offering to help with Council Tax re-banding - and demanding a percentage of any recovered money.

 However the second alert involves people claiming to be from the Council's Adult Social Care and Health Department - knocking on the doors of vulnerable residents and asking for details of their care packages.

The council stresses that these callers are NOT council officers.

All council employees carry an identification card with their name and photograph on them. Anybody approached in this way should ask to see this identification.

It is also highly unusual for staff from the Adult Social Care and Health Department to call on service users without an appointment. If you are suspicious, genuine council employees will happily wait or rearrange the appointment.

Residents should be alert at all times - refusing entry and requests for confidential information unless you are absolutely sure it safe to do so.

For more information - and to report any suspicious callers - contact the council on 01744 676789.

You can also report an incident to the police by calling 101 or, in an emergency, by dialling 999.

Watch a Merseyside Police video  about how to stay safe from cold callers and distraction burglary!