Tough new dog laws on their way.

Tough new dog control orders will come into force on January 1 in St.Helens.

The move follows the results of a public consultation following complaints to the council about people failing to keep their dogs under control and not cleaning up after them. The following laws will go live on January 1:

The Fouling of Land by Dogs (St.Helens Council) Order 2012

The Dogs on Leads by Direction(St.Helens Council) Order 2012

The Orders apply to all land which is open to the air and to which the public have access. The dog fouling order replaces the existing legislation enforced by the council. A fixed penalty notice may be served on anyone who is seen failing to clean up after a dog has fouled. The dog on leads order is a new approach in that an authorised officer may ask anyone to put a dog on a lead if it is determined that it is causing a nuisance or could be a danger to anyone.

Failure to clean up after a dog or failure to put a dog on a lead when requested to do so is an offence which may result in the issuing of a fixed penalty notice of £80. Payment of the penalty within 14 days will discharge the offence, however failure to pay will result in action being taken through the Magistrates Court for the original offence where a maximum fine of £1000 may be imposed.

The vehicles used by the Dog Welfare and Enforcement Service have now been branded with bright new livery so watch out for the vans in your area. 

Copies of the Orders may be obtained from St.Helens Council, Town Hall, Victoria square, WA10 1HF, Monday - Froday 9.00am - 5.00pm, or visit