Camera crews zoom in on criminals

St.Helens Council CCTV staff have been busy over the last week - helping police to apprehend suspects in four different incidents:

THREE men were seen to leave the Tesco store without paying for alcohol. Security staff stopped them, but CCTV operators later spotted them swapping tee shirts near the canal and walking to the B&M store.  As one male waited outside, two entered the store and attempted to steal bottles of spirits.  CCTV staff alerted police and the two males inside the store were arrested.

CCTV staff assisted in the recovery of £100 worth of stolen clothing after a male was seen running from a town centre store with a bag full of property. The camera crew located him with the help of a description circulated via the Shopwatch radio system and tracked him walking to the Westfield Estate - where he was arrested by police.

CCTV staff spotted four males in a car park on Volunteer Street.  As they watched, one was seen to hand out what appeared to be a white powder to the others.  Police were alerted and when they arrived, the male with the powder was seen to throw away what he had in his hand and run off.  He was chased, caught and arrested on suspicion of possession of drugs.

THREE men were seen acting suspiciously in Chalon Way - attempting to conceal long, silver-coloured items up their coat-sleeves.  Police were guided to the scene by CCTV staff and when they arrived arrested two of the males on suspicion of possession of offensive weapons.