Youngsters spend a day in the CELLS

More than 50 young people have been spending a day in the CELLS in a bid to educate them about the consequences of anti social behaviour and crime.

Held at Derbyshire Hill Youth Club, St.Helens, CELLS (Choices, Educations, Lifelong Learning Skills) it involved members of St.Helens Community Safety Partnership including St.Helens Council youth service and youth offending team, Merseyside Fire & Rescue, Merseyside Police and Christchurch Haydock.  Arriva also supplied free bus tickets to ferry youngsters to the event.

The CELLS team includes rehabilitated ex offenders and victims of crime who relay their negative experiences to young people in the hope of educating them about the reality of engaging in crime. The project works with schools and other local organisations, raising awareness and changing common perceptions of criminal activity. One of the ways they do this is by demonstrating what life is like behind bars with a mobile prison cell on wheels, an active experience which is intended as a deterrent.

The main aims of the CELLS programmes are to give young people an understanding of.
·    Anti Social Behaviour
·    Crime and Consequences
·    Drugs & Drug Awareness
·    Gang Culture

Councillor Sue Murphy, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, Safer Communities and Youth said:  “This is a very informative and hard hitting campaign to help young people understand the consequences of bad behaviour which could easily lead into a life of crime.”