Council calls for a halt on cuts to police budgets.

St.Helens Council is calling on the government to put a halt to its plans to slash police budgets amid growing fears that crime will ‘spiral out of control’.

Councillor Keith Deakin, the council’s representative on Merseyside Police Authority, in a motion to council, said that the government cuts must have ‘criminals rubbing their hands with glee.’

“As usual the cuts are a postcode lottery," he added.  "While the leafy suburbs of place like Surrey  will harldy feel the cuts places like Merseyside will suffer the brunt.  Effective policing is already under threat.  We are beginning to see an increase in crime as there are fewer officer available on the streets.”

Councillor Sue Murphy Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, Safer Communities and Youth added:  “St.Helens is extremely proud of its good partnership working with Merseyside Police and together we have made massive inroads into tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.  Now these cuts are all set to totally undermine all of that hard work. This town and its residents deserve more.  The cuts are putting people’s safety at risk.”

The council has instructed its chief executive to write to the Home Secretary opposing any more cuts to police budgets.