Putting the breaks on vehicle nuisance

Police in St Helens are launching a crackdown on off-road motorbikes being ridden anti-socially in the area's green and open spaces.


The operation, from Saturday 28th May until Sunday 5th June, is being run in conjunction with the St Helens Community Safety Partnership and comes following community concerns about the problem.


Specially trained officers will be patrolling open spaces in the area on quad bikes, which will enable them to cover ground not accessible by car, quickly and safely.


Inspector Chris Gibson said: "Anti-social behaviour has fallen across the area, but the problem of vehicle nuisance continues to concern residents, particularly those living near open spaces.


"The operation is running during the half-term holidays to manage any potential rise in incidents, and to ensure that those people who want to, can enjoy the green spaces and countryside in St Helens safely.”
Councillor Sue Murphy, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, Safer Communities and Youth adds: "One of the biggest number of complaints we receive are about the anti social use of off road motorbikes which can be a real blight in some areas and the council remains committed to clamping down on this behaviour."


Photo:L-R Constable Neil Hayes, Colette McIntyre, Cllr Sue Murphy, Chief Inspector Mike Constantine, Constable Kelly Hannan - front Inspector Chris Gibson