Access to Dream

Please note that significant work is underway to improve the Dream site and wider Sutton Manor community woodland and amenities for visitors. This will last throughout March, and will mean disruptions to pathways and access during this period.

More specifically:

· The main entrance to the site (adjacent to the Smithy Manor pub) will be closed for some of this period. There are several other entrances to Sutton Manor Woodland along Jubits Lane, including at the former Colliery gates and opposite King George V playing fields.

· The main route to Dream will be closed for the duration of the construction. There are, however, alternative paths up to Dream

· As the other pathways onsite are also being upgraded, there will be occasions when visitors who wish to see Dream may have to walk across grassed areas – please bear this in mind, and wear appropriate footwear.

If you would like any further information, please contact the Forestry Commission on 01606 889792