Winter warnings about frozen ice

St. Helens Council, Merseyside Police and Community Safety Partners are sending out warning messages to young people who are venturing out on to frozen lakes and ponds.

Youngsters are ignoring warning signs and going out onto the ice.  In some areas, vandals are putting lives at risk by ripping down the signs.

Fishing Ponds within The Lyme Wood Country Park close to Clarence Street in Newton, are a particular draw for the youngsters during the cold snap.

Residents have also voiced their concerns over young people skating on the frozen ice on The Clegg in Thatto Heath.

Police Safer Schools Officers will be working with local schools in the area to remind young people about the dangers associated with venturing onto frozen ponds.

Councillor Sue Murphy, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, Safer Communities and Youth said:  “It’s essential that the young people take heed of the warnings which are being given out.  It  could save lives. Very often the young people just do not see the hidden dangers of going onto the ice.”

Chief Inspector Michael Constantine, Merseyside Police adds: "It is vitally important that all parents remind their children of the dangers of playing on icy ponds, rivers and canals. Often the ice, which may look solid, is actually very thin and if someone falls into very cold water, their body goes into shock, making it very difficult to get to safety."