Over 3,900 bottles of alcohol seized from St Helens teenagers

Every Friday and Saturday evening, including during school holidays, police officers and youth workers were on patrol across St Helens, removing alcohol from underage drinkers.

This operation is part of the Government’s Youth Crime Action Plan (YCAP) to prevent and tackle youth crime through a triple-track approach of tough enforcement, non-negotiable support and prevention. 69 areas across the country are delivering an intensive YCAP package to ensure young people have safe places to go and interesting things to do on Friday and Saturday nights over three years from 2008-2011.

Police and partners, as part of the St Helens Crime and Disorder Reduction partnership (CDRP) are asking parents for their support to help combat underage drinking in St Helens.

Chief Inspector Mike Constantine said: “We are asking parents to make sure they know where their children are and what they are up to. We are using a number of initiatives in St Helens to clamp down on underage drinking, including high visibility patrols such as this. Instances of anti-social behaviour can increase when young people and alcohol mix and we are doing everything possible to ensure alcohol does not get into the hands of young people.”

“I would remind people that it is illegal to sell or supply alcohol to young people under 18 and I would urge our communities to support us by reporting any such incidents so that we can take appropriate action."

Councillor Teresa Sims, Executive Portfolio Member for Safer Communities in St Helens, said: “Recently we found a 12-year-old girl who was out on the street on a Friday night with a two litre bottle of high strength cider. Usually, the young people we find in possession of alcohol are somewhat older, so this was quite unusual. However, we have seen reductions in anti-social behaviour in the area, since Operation Greenall came into existence. Anti social behaviour is often associated with alcohol, and over the past year we have seen a 26% reduction in anti-social behaviour in our Borough. Parents still have their part to play too, you need to know where your child is and ensure you don’t give them alcohol.”