ASBO Breach Imprisonment

Darren Bolger, aged 39, admitted being drunk twice in public in St Helens.

On the second occasion he entered a shop in St Helens Town Centre from which he is banned from doing under terms of the order.

He also pleaded guilty to causing harassment, alarm or distress on Bridge Street during December 2009.

In all the incidents he breached the conditions of his ASBO.

In April of last year Bolger had been given an ASBO by St Helens Magistrates, which stipulated that he must not:

  • Cause harassment, alarm or distress in a public place or any place to which the public have access.
  • Drink alcohol in a public place excepted in and on licensed premises.
  • Be drunk in a public place.
  • Enter any retail establishment contained within St Helens town centre and Warrington Road Retail Park, St Helens except for the Walk in Centre Pharmacy, Hall Street, St Helens.

Neighbourhood Inspector Dave Westby said: "Bolger was given the ASBO for being continuously drunk in St Helens Town Centre and being constantly abusive to visitors and workers in the area. Merseyside Police and St. Helens Council's Anti-Social Behaviour Unit had worked together to gather the evidence to obtain the ASBO and Bolger was made aware we would closely monitor his behaviour. His custodial sentence for the breaches of his ASBO serves as a reminder to him and a warning to others that breaches will be robustly investigated and enforced and will not be tolerated."

Cllr Teresa Sims, Executive Member for Safer Communities said: "The case indicates we are determined to protect the residents of and visitors to St Helens from the anti-social behaviour of others and that ultimately offenders can be sent to prison."