Tackling Vehicle Nuisance in Bold

Tackling Vehicle Nuisance in Bold

Officers are using all powers available to them to combat this issue.
In response to calls from the public in the Bold Area, and in light of the attraction of the summer months to those responsible for this vehicle mis-use, Officers from the Neighbourhood will continue to give High Visibility Patrols to the location.

In addition to continued enforcement, a media campaign is also planned to raise awareness in local papers and specialist bike magazines, highlighting those locations in the region where off-road bikes are permitted - and warning against the illegal use of these vehicles on Bold Moss.

Seizure and Destruction

Section 59 Warnings are issued under the Police Reform Act against both the driver and the machine that they are on when a vehicle is stopped after being used in an anti-social manner. Persistent use of the vehicle will result in seizure, and possibly destruction, which cannot be proved to be held legally.

Inspector Mark Lawes commented "These illegal bikers are causing misery for local residents. The noise nuisance causes great distress to many residents - and these bikes are extremely dangerous to other road users and park users, as well as being illegal.

"We are using a zero tolerance policy towards these riders and are running a number of targeted operations in St Helens which are having a positive effect. I would also urge parents not to buy their children quad or scrambler bikes, and ask the public to report the sightings of bikes to us. Work with us to take these illegal bikers off our roads and parks."


It is illegal to ride a scrambler bike anywhere except the road, and then riders must conform to the Highway Code and have all the relevant documents and safety equipment.

Police will use intelligence gathered locally to target their activities to the places where the illegal bikers gather - and have urged local people in St Helens to continue to let them know where, and when, scrambler bikes are being used.

If you have information about the anti-social use of bikes contact your Dedicated Neighbourhood Officers on 0151 709 6010 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.