The St.Helens CSP Anti-Social Behaviour Pledge

St.Helens Council, Merseyside Police and Community Safety Partners (CSP) are committed to tackling anti-social behaviour and keeping our Community safe. This is detailed in our ASB Pledge.

This is our promise to you we will:

  • Tackle all aspects of anti-social behaviour
  • Make perpetrators aware that their behahaviour is unacceptable and that they will face robust enforcement action if required.
  • Record and assist in the investigation of reported cases of anti-social behaviour and keep victims informed of action taken.
  • Offer support and practical help to victims of anti-social behaviour.
  • Reduce residents perceptions of anti-social behaviour.
  • Reduce the number of anti-social behaviour calls for service made to the police.
  • Reduce the number of repeat victims of anti-social behaviour.
  • Reduce the number of anti-social fires.
  • Keep residents informed about our efforts to tackle anti-social behaviour.
  • Give residents the opportunity to complain if effective action is not taken by local agencies.

We want to do our best for you, but if we fail to meet our Pledge we will always explain why it has not been possible to deliver the high standards to which we aspire and you deserve.

We will always treat all reported incidents of anti-social behaviour seriously, whether made anonymously, in person, in writing or over the telephone, and provide you with support you need to ensure you feel safe, reassured and protected.

The following leaflet has been devised to advise young people on what anti social behaviour is and what happens to people who commit it.

ASB advice leaflet for young people.